Bright Smiles for You and Your Family

We’ve all been in a position where we were in search of a family dentistry professional. They are hard to come by only if you don’t look in the right places. Most haven’t found their families ideal match because of some being too far of a distance or high cost.

Below are four successful ways to find the best dentistry for your family:

Step 1: Check The Online Dentist Reviewsfind-good-best-reviews

Nowadays the internet is where all go for useful advice. You can find out about the best clinics by first searching for dentists in your area. Once you see the few you’d like to scope out, open a new tab and go to Yelp or Google Plus to find their customer reviews. Here you will find all you need to know from good and not so good. Not all reports will be accurate and correct, but at least you will get an idea of the way they make their patients feel. Try to find one with a 5-star review.

Sometimes you can’t find all you’re looking for online. If this happens, the best thing to do would be to open Maps in your phone, type in “Dentists” and search. You can usually find a few other businesses that aren’t as large as others who are more family friendly. If you click on one, there should be a number to call or a website (if they are up to date) to research more about them.

Step 2: Acquire Referrals

Try and obtain a referral from someone you know well and trust. Take in mind this referral especially if you know their children like this dentist office. If they love their dentist and have continued to go to he/she for years, you’ll probably like them too. Give it a go.

Step 3: Make Some Calls


Let’s say you still haven’t settled on the right clinic yet. Don’t give up! Pick up your phone and give them a call. Find out if the dentist is a real caretaker. If the secretary is a good one, he/she would love to help out and answer all the questions or concerns you might have. More often than not, dentist offices have staff who love what they do. When people enjoy what they do, they will have the right attitude.

“We always put our patients first with much laughter included,” said Dr. Seth Gary, DDS.

Step 4: Pick The Winner

Keep your motives known when making the final decision. Note taking is beneficial when it comes to making big decisions. Sit down with a pen and notebook. Write down the 3 or 4 clinics you need to level out for this path to a healthier and carefree life. By doing this, you will slowly narrow it down to two.

Once you have your two, schedule an appointment to go into each office and meet with the dentist and staff. While you are there, you can keep your eye out for how sterile and organized they keep things. You’d be surprised how many people do this. It might be what it takes to find a valuable clinic.

Don’t forget to find out about the availability!

Some dentists offices are 24/7 and others are not. If it is crucial that you find one who will be there for you and your family at all times, this could help you quickly find the one.

Here are some questions to ask yourself on paper when you come back from visiting the clinic:

– What do I want for my family with dental care?
– How long has this dentist been practicing dentistry?
– Is this dentist highly regarded?
– Are the hygienists experienced enough?
– Can I trust this clinic to take care of my children’s teeth?
– Can I trust this clinic to take care of my own teeth?
– What is their policy on missing appointments?
– Did you find the dental staff wearing gloves/protective gear while with a patient?
– Do they wash their hands enough after being with a patient?

I know you will find the right clinic for you if you follow these four steps. We all want the perfect fit for our family. Take into consideration all of the above and keep in mind that you don’t know what you don’t ask. A dentist and staff that genuinely cares about your families needs and overall health aren’t too hard to find. They are definitely out there!